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Pecina ovcarica ..Croatian cave open to tourist visitation is located near the village Belej,

(island of Cres, Croatia). Down to the depth of 12 m. The height of the arch at the bottom is 7 m. In

addition it has pottery dating from 2000 to 3000 yr. BC, the remains of the burning fire oven for ceramics,

animal bones, the man was preparing itself for food, a little cave decorations, told me I was a beautiful

story (''written''on its walls) at the time that I It spent, preparing it, to the descent down the stairs

could discover its charm and the average visitor. Good spirits from its walls, formed only by

pressing the camera shutter, which organize their own play of light and shadow, I was obliged

to recognize the story, I write. Can it be read as a child  "bedtime story", but even for us adults, this story

has a good message.






The story takes place in the time when the people who have lived on our islands already came out of the caves and have settled on the top of the hills where they had a good view on the nearbyland. They built defensive stone walls around their settlements and by the passage on the stone walls, they kept guards. Traveling merchants would come and trade goods and the guardians of the stone walls gladly let them in. If the guardian would notice a rambler, someone without larger baggage, they would precede rougher stand: yell at those who were not needed in their settlements, and drive them away with swearwords and sometimes with rocks and arms.


Ben was a rambler hunter, who was hunting for several days already, with his wolf, in oak forest, beneath the settlement on the top of the hill. The wolf, Isi, as Ben has named him, once scented a flavor of the food that Ben was making for him self, and came to him. At first, Ben drove him away, with yelling is, is. But, as the wolf had no intention to leave; he threw him a piece of meet. From that moment, the wolf was every day closer to him, until one day he came to him to his back, and touched him with his paw, asking for his piece of meet. On this way, their single lives were over and they continued to hunt in pair.

It was fall; the rain was falling continuously for days. The ground was scud and muddy. They were returning from their unsuccessful hunting to their shelter that he has found several days before. He lost his balance for a moment and stepped on a hawthorn. He tore off another unpoisonous thorn from brambles and pulled out hawthorn from his feet. He returned in the cave where he has already prepared bearing and decided to be at rest, as much as necessary. He was aware that resting his leg was the most important in the days that come. He was glad that he has found this cave so he could rest until the pain in the leg stops. Flame that he has in ox horn will go off because he didn't prepare for fire keeping. But, it was not so bad, because the settlement was near so he will look for fire there..

The following days, Ben didn't move. They have fooled the hunger with sheep's butter that he has carried in pot, folded with wool, in his leather bag. He placed a cup for water under the drip in the cave. He laid on his back, holding his leg up, and touching, with his hurt leg, the cold wall of the cave.


The first day after he hurt himself, he noticed with pleasure, that the pain in his leg was already lighter. At third day, few hours before sunset, he got up and headed toward settlement on the top of the hill.

He approached to the Guardian and asked him to let him in the settlement because the flame in his horn got off. The guardian noticed that he don't carry any baggage. He angrily sawed the air and drove him away. Than Iši jumped and bit the guardian's hand. The guardian got scared. Ben has first harshly shouted at wolf to calm him down and than came to the guardian to apologize and offered him a pot with sheep's butter as compensation for the wolf's bite.

The guardian didn't accept the apology and punched him in the head with the pot. Spiritless, Ben has returned in the cave on his bearing, and started to feeldizziness from the painful punch in the head.

The darkness of the cave scattered the light that was coming from the fireplace. The body of the giant dragon spread in the depth of the cave, but his head was quite near the fireplace. From the depth of the cave, four little girls started to sidle to Ben..

Benevolently, they came to him very close. On the shoulder of the youngest girl, set a kitten. Isi noticed the kitten, and when their eyes confronted, the kitten bristled its hair and jumped off. Admonished with Ben's look, Isi just angrily snapped with his teeth and yelped..

-Zvrk, come back Zvrk,.. the girl tried to call back scared kitten...


By the fireplace, an old man was sitting and preparing the meal. He was heating stone plates.

On one plate he has laid up the snails, and with the other plate he has covered them.

The snails were awhile toasted. While they were drawing the snails from their armor with sharp wooden springs and eating them, Ben has, trough conversation, found out that old man Not was grandfather to the girls Eni, Iti, Omi and Uni.

-Girls are already helping their parents with the milking sheep and other needed doings; Not was speaking about his granddaughters with voice full of unhidden pride. This cave has provided them a shelter all their lives and the girls will continue live here with their children and so on...

Eni started to clean up the scraps. She has placed the scraps near the dragon's head, because the dragon couldn't move. He could only move his neck and his tail.

"The cave of sheep milkmaid's..." a thought came to him..



The old man was continuing to narrate as he wanted to confirm the hunters thought. So, the cave got it's name after the sheep milkmaids who were using the cave for preparing the food for the shepherds. And also, the shepherds would sometimes drive the sheep in the cave in need to protect them from wolfs. They had enough air supply, because the cave has a chimney on its bottom. By the chimney, there was stove for baking pots and cups from clay..

Iti joined the conversation with an offer; to go and get honey in honeycombs to sweeten their meal.

-Uni, what is wrong with the dragon? As I can see, his body is stoned: the hunter asked the oldest girl.

-Ker has got a ceramic disease because he eats too many potteries which get broke. And also, our friends throw him pieces of broken pottery because than he gleefully wags with his tail. Mostly he looks forward to potter Lon so when he sees him, he wags his tail so hard that he makes a lot of dust. If he gets a chance to break the pottery, as accidentally, than he signalizes that there is a trash in the cave… If he doesn't get well, we will be the last generation of children that Ker lulls to sleep…. And he also, with ease, dispels the smoke that wind sends back into the cave. Grandfather has already forbidden us to feed him with pottery. He will must be satisfied in the future only with ash.. He observes sadly and with a tear in his eye when we throw broken pottery in the depth of the cave. But, that's for his own good. If his tail gets stoned, he could serve us only for drying wet woods, and for a case that our fire gets off..- answered him the girl.

-And to be the cave's favorite pat!., added Ben in attempt to diminish Ker's sad destiny.

It is night already and your parents are not back. What are they doing outside?., he asked Eni, the youngest milkmaid, trying to initiate nicer topic.

-They are moving sheep on a pasture for winter time. They will sleep over at friends. They usually remain for several days until they visit all their friends; replied the girl and than wit appeal looked at her grandfather.

Not laughed. He knew what his granddaughters were expecting.

Omi and Uni started to giggle when grandfather made a wing to Eni to get the meh (autochthonous national wind instrument made from wood).

The girls were dancing while he was playing the meh. It was warm by the fire and Ben felt good and asleep. He completely forgot today's accident. Not was entertaining the girls awhile and afterwards he sent them to sleep. The girls settled on the dragon's tail. The dragon started to swing his tail, a little bit above the ground, and lull them to sleep.

Not came closer to Ben who was laying on his bearing and whispered him that he will tomorrow have more luck. Than he took a spear that Isi was lying by and watching it faithfully.

Isi noticed old man's move and went with him. He also took a rubbing stone and set by the fire. Isi laid near old man and closed his eyes. The kitten that was resting by the warm fireplace came closer because it has noticed untied leather band from the spear, that Not has untied so he could squeeze it harder.  He grabbed the band and with his sharp paws he was straining it. The old man was calmly tolerated the kitten's game.

Ben was still thinking about Not's last words that he has whispered to him. He fell asleep before he managed to figure out what that meant.

Isi`s forwardly licking woke him up.

He realized that, besides a beautiful dream, there was a rueful reality afore him.

He decided to try to get in the settlement again, so maybe the guardian will not drive him away today.

He ordered the wolf to stay and wait him by the cave and he headed towards settlement on the hill alone.

The same guardian noticed him from afar and waved him with his hand to come closer..

-Forgive me. I shouldn't hit you; sad the guardian, and gave him his hand as indication of reconciliation. I was hoping you will come so I have prepared a cinder for you.

Ben was pleased with his apology and he took the cinder and put it into his ox horn. On his way back, he has collected snails.










Isi welcomed him by the cave. Ben lighted the fire where the fireplace use to be and shared the toasted snails with Isi. He was surprised when he noticed bees in the chimney. With his spear, he reached a piece of honeycomb and treated him self. He was full up at last.

He has remembered the words of the old man from his dream and figured that everything indicates that the good spirits of the cave helped him. First he was cured after he has stepped on poisonous hawthorn. Than his dizziness from that guardian's punch in the head has been suddenly gone. His recovery was the evidence that his dream had an effect on him as a salve. Also, the Guardian became kind, just as the old man told him in his dream. The good spirits of the cave as if they had power even over the inhabitants of the settlement on the hill. They are probably young milkmaid's descendants.

-Isi, I have a preposition, if you agree; sad Ben to his wolf. Will stay here and trade our catch with the inhabitants in the settlement, so maybe than some girl will notice us?!

Jordan Kucic, the author of the legend;

Performed in public on 23rd April, 2008. on the holiday of the St. George, the guardian of the village Belej, in hope that the birth of the legend of the cave will provide more sense for remaining life in Belej. The author expects, with St. George's blessings, many contended visitors who will provide the survival of the residents who will get a chance to distribute their product from shepherding and subsist as shepherds and milkmaids.


The characters; hunter Ben, wolf Isi, Guardian of the wall, old man Not and four girls, potter Lon, Ker and kitten Zvrk, can be seen in the shapes of  the cave walls, with an imaginary eye. If the visitor tries to listen very carefully, he could hear the music that old man Not is playing with meh and girls giggling. To welcome the visitor, Not offers toasted snails on stone plate, and girl Iti a piece of honeycomb.. If visitor doesn't turn them away, the next time he visits the Cave, they will watch over him from falling down the cave stairs.

So, because of the characters good nature, they all became the good spirits of the cave.































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